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The Maine | Vans Warped Tour - Columbia, Maryland | Photos by Owen Paterline

The Maine - Vans Warped Tour

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Get To Know Me Through My Music Pick 10 artists or bands that you love before reading the questions:

1. The Maine

2. Keith Urban

3. Cody Simpson

4. Nicole Scherzinger

5. Tim Chaisson

6. This Century

7. Lights

8. R5

9. Joe Brooks

10. Boys Like Girls

Favorite song by 8?:

My favorite song by R5 has to be "What do I Have to Do"

First song you heard by 6:

The first song I heard from This Century was “Run & Hide”  and I’ve been in love with them ever since.

What impact has 7 left on your life?

Lights has never really impacted my life in anyway.

What’s your favorite lyric by 5?

Let’s pretend you think I’m right this time
Your always gonna beat this heart of mine
 - Beat This Heart

I stumbled out of bed this mornin’,told myself the sky ain’t fallin’ 

- The Healing

You say you can’t believe in Something you’ve never seen
Just because you didn’t notice Doesn’t mean it’s never been… There

- Speak Easier

Too many good lyrics written by Tim Chaisson it’s hard to pick one.

What is your favorite song by 1?

I can’t choose my favorite song from The Maine because there’s way too many but as of right now my favorite is "Inside Of You" 

Which numbers have you attended their concerts?

0, I haven’t been to a concert in my life although I like music so much.

Are there any songs by 3 that make you sad?

No, Cody Simpson music is all pretty feel good kind of music.

What is your favourite song by 9?

Joe Brooks has many great song and can’t seem to pick between "My Heart Will Wait" or “World at our Feet”.

When did you first get into 2?

Keith Urban is what really got me into country music and what got me into Keith Urban was he song "Long Hot Summer".

How did you get into 3?

I think Cody Simpson has talent and I still wouldn’t really consider myself into Cody but I really like his music (plus he knows how to play instruments) .

What’s your favourite song by 4?

My favorite song from Nicole Scherzinger is certainly "Try With Me".

Which numbers could help you fall asleep?


What’s a good memory with 10?

It’s probably when Boys Like Girls came back to make new stuff that’s not so new anymore.

Is there a song by 1 that makes you happy?

Yes, there are many songs from The Maine that make me happy like "Don’t Stop Listening to Rock & Roll", "I Must Be Dreaming" and "Give it to Me".

Has 2 ever made you cry?

Keith Urban is such a fun and up beat guy, I don’t think he’s ever made me cry.

Which of the above is your absolute favorite?

I like all them!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Max!

Happy Birthday Max!

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favorite albums » black & white - the maine

The Maine - Black & White

I think all kids have done this.
So Cute~!

This Century on Flickr.

This Century - Sean Silverman


This Century on Flickr.

This Century - Sean Silverman

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